Information for Authors

Dear ISSE 2022 Participants, Colleagues, Steering Committee Members, Session Chair Persons, Evaluators, and Attendees, herewith we would like to inform you briefly about all necessary details you need to know to optimally plan and enjoy your conference participation and successfully prepare your presentation.

As ISSE 2022 is organized in hybrid mode – online as well as onsite – all presentations are shared using the well-known conference tool Zoom. A Zoom link to all sessions will be provided here and on the conference program page. Furthermore, an access key will be provided to all registered attendees per email.

Oral Presentations

Please prepare your presentation in time and submit your presentation file before Tuesday, May 10 to <conference(at)>. You’ll find your presentation time in the conference program on our website which will be kept updated. The time slot for regular speakers is 25 minutes. First you will be introduced by your Session Chair Person. Please adjust your speech to a net time of 20 minutes and leave some minutes free for questions and answers. All oral presentations are in the Campus Hall and are shared with the online audience using the well-known conference tool Zoom.

Poster Presentations:

We have three equally organized blocks of Poster Presentations

1st Block: Thursday, May 12, afternoon
2nd Block: Friday, May 13, afternoon
3rd Block: Saturday, May 14, morning.

Each block has two independent parallel parts at the same time (one in Campus Hall, the other in Seminar Room 2) and consist of a sequence of three subsessions, respectively:

– a series of 6 to 8 ONSITE Short Poster Introductions in front of the online audience and attendees in this room,
– a series of 3 to 5 ONLINE Virtual Poster Presentations in front of the online audience and attendees in this room, and
– an ONSITE “In-Front-of-Poster” Discussion where all onsite poster authors of this session are asked to be close to their poster for evaluations and technical discussions of their research work. These “In-front-of-poster” discussions are not online; discussions and evaluations are possible only for physically present audience and evaluators.


Preparation for ONSITE Poster Sessions

ONSITE poster presenters are asked to prepare a Short Poster Introduction; this is a 3-minutes lasting oral presentation conveying the goal of the research work and major findings (without going into details) on two (three) slides. Please submit your presentation file before Tuesday, May 10 to <conference(at)>.

There are no strict design guidelines for your Poster. You are free to use either the small or the larger ISSE logo . You may mount your poster on a poster wall (maximum size: 80 cm horizontal and ca. 100 cm vertical) immediately after your arrival and can use this place for discussions through out the entire conference. You will be assisted during mounting your poster with pins, adhesive tapes and magnets, depending on the respective poster wall. You can find the location of your poster on the ground plan of the respective floor (see figures below) or you can ask for the right place at the registration desk when you arrive. You are kindly requested to unmount your poster at the end of the conference before leaving the conference location.

Firure above: Poster location in ground floor; poster numbering same as in conference program

Figure above: Poster location in 1st floor; poster numbering same as in conference program

Preparation of ONLINE Poster Presentations:

All online presenters are requested to prepare their virtual poster as a 10-minutes lasting oral presentation of their research work with focus on the goal of the work and major findings with reference to what is particularly new in this work. Presenters should have a PC with broad-band internet connection, microphone, and camera (maybe a headset will be advantageous). Questions to the presenter can be posted during and also asked after the respective presentation. The communication is managed by the session chair persons.


Further Remarks for Authors and Presenters

Recordings and photography:

Since this conference is organized in hybrid mode and it is intended to move online presenters as close as possible to our physically present auditory we’ll use simple cameras allowing to see the onsite presenters during their talks. Likewise, online presenters are asked to show once their face at the beginning of their talk and during discussions. Our philosophy is that a conference should be a life event and as such no kind of recordings are made nor used in the program (neither voice nor videos) by the organizer. Simply some pictures will be made with the intention to use them for a report for the IEEE EPS newsletter. Photographs will be – as in previous ISSE events – made available for the registered audience. We’ll not provide additional access to photographs elsewhere. Important: Please let us know per email in case you do not want us to use a picture from you for the mentioned purpose. We’ll confirm your email as a proof of our acceptance. However, we’ll understand no reply on our email to you an April 23 as your agreement with our aim to use pictures as mentioned.

Recording and sharing recorded presentations

At some conferences presenters are asked to send-in their presentations including recorded voice. This has certainly the “pro” that whoever was interested could play the complete lecture at any time. We would like to offer this possibility for all registered attendees as a feature they might use or not. For this purpose we have installed the following access to the password protected TU OwnCloud where you can up- and download all presentation data you want to make available for or receive from other ISSE participant:
– Link name: <ISSE_2022_Recorded_Presentations>; Link: <>
– The password has been provided to you in our email on April 23.
– For this purpose we urgently recommend to apply strictly the naming convention: Paper ID followed by “_” and the family name of the data owner.
– After June 15, the data will be deleted from the cloud.

Book of Abstract

All reviewed and accepted abstracts are published in a Book of Abstracts which is available as a helpful guide for the conference (Editors: H. Wohlrabe, J. Nicolics, G. Khatibi, M. Lederer; “Electronics Technology Innovations towards Green Electronics”; Extended Abstracts, 45th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, May 11 – 15, 2022, Eugen G. Leuze 2022, ISBN 978-3-87480-374-8). The same book as PDF document and all received full papers can be downloaded from the same cloud (Same password and validity period):
– Link name: <ISSE_2022_Conference_Papers_and_Book-of-Abstracts>; Link: <>.

Download for Authors and Attendees

From here you can copy the small ISSE 2022 Logo and the large ISSE 2022 Logo for your presentations.


Conference Program

Here you can download the ISSE 2022 Conference Program as PDF document.


Conference Sessions Plan

Here you can download the ISSE 2022 Conference Sessions Plan as PDF document.

Write your full paper

Paper template

Write your full paper according to the layout rules of IEEE as already considered in our templates:

You can download this template here MS Word full paper template and use it either with MS Word or LibreOfficeWriter. In either case make sure your editor can generate an output file of your manuscript compatible to the .doc or .docx formate.

Paper submission

Your finalized full paper file must be submitted by email to conference(at)

Note: To avoid firewall restrictions related to the file type of the attachment, it might be a good idea to put it into a ZIP file before sending.