Guide for presenters

Guide for Presenters (Subject to change)

Poster Presentation

Maximum size: B1, minimum size: A1. The poster board is 90 cm (wide) x 120 cm (tall). Please, prepare posters in the poster hall in the morning on the day of the presentation. For the location of the poster, refer to the program book and conference information. The posters must be taken off at the end of the day. The organizers will support tools for fixing posters on the poster boards.

Poster presentation hints: A short PowerPoint presentation of the paper and the related poster is necessary, where the maximum available time frame is 3 minutes. The Session Chair will cut off longer presentations. Recommended content of the short presentation is no more than three slides. Otherwise, it will be impossible to fit into the time limitations. The short talks will be presented in the Conference Hall, and then the session will continue with a discussion next to the poster board.

Poster presentation recommendation: The first slide is the opening slide, with the name, title, affiliation, and poster number. The second slide shall briefly describe the problem and experimental methodology. Then the third may present the main results in a short form. The purpose of the short presentation is to convince the audience to visit the poster for further discussion and information exchange.

Oral Presentation

Oral presentation hints: Oral presentations cannot exceed 20-25 minutes (including Q&A). The Session Chair will check the time of the presentation. Please be advised that the Session Chair will cut off presentations exceeding the time frame. Please try to summarize your results in 10-15 slides.

Other Important Information

Copying presentations: Presenters do not have to bring their own computers. There will be a Windows-based laptop in the session room. Your presentations will be accepted on a USB Flash drive. The computer will be available to upload presentations and test them in the meeting room before the session starts. There will also be a technician who will assist you in all technical matters.