ISSE 2023 Book of Abstracts and IEEE Publication

ISSE 2023 papers published in IEEE eXplore

All camera ready paper submissions went through the established process of evaluation, presentation and publication following the IEEE regulations. Those papers that met all the formal and scientific quality criteria were published in IEEE eXplore and are available at the link below:

ISSE 2023 Book of Abstracts

All reviewed and accepted abstracts are published in the ISSE 2023 Book of Abstracts which is available as a helpful guide for the conference. The same book as PDF document can be accesed below.

Editors: Bogdan Mihăilescu, Cristina Marghescu, Heinz Wohlrabe, Tomas Blecha, Aurel Gontean; “Revolutionizing the Electronics Ecosystems – Chiplet and Heterogeneous Integration“, Extended Abstracts, 46th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, ISBN 978-606-35-0528-7, May 10 – 14, 2023.