Submission of abstracts

Interested authors are requested to submit a two-page abstract according to the template (Download ISSE 2023 Abstract template) no later than January 16th 2023.

Please submit your abstract as Word document 2013 or later (.DOCX) and as PDF document with files entitled respectively “ISSE2023_Abstract_#x_surname.docx” and “ISSE2023_Abstract_#x_surname.pdf(# stands for the Topic letter (Topic A…K), include a number x only if you have more than one abstract!).

Topics of Interest

A. New Materials, Components and Processes
B. Thermal Management
C. Advanced Packaging and Interconnection Technologies
D. Testing, Reliability and Quality Management
E. Process Modelling and Simulation
F. Environmental and Ecological Effects in Electronics Technology
G. Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials and Nanoelectronics
H. Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility
I. Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
J. Educational and Information Technologies in Electronics Manufacturing
K. Discrete and Integrated Components

Please note, electronic submission only!

Submit abstracts at: ISSE2023 CMT (powered by Microsoft CMT)

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft CMT, you can register for a new, free account, at the login screen above.
Instructions for uploading your abstract will be provided on the platform after registering and logging in.

Please be sure your abstract matches the following requirements and recommendations:

Abstract title

  • A concise title without subject-specific abbreviations should be chosen.
  • Author listing (principal author first)
  • Complete first name (not abbreviated), surname (family), affiliations, mailing address, telephone, and e-mail address. Please underline the name of the presenting author and provide the email address of the corresponding author.


  • Indicate which session topic your paper matches and whether you prefer to do an oral or a poster presentation. Important: Please note that this decision is not subject to the contribution’s quality. Therefore, the same high-quality level is expected for both paper types – oral and poster paper –.
  • Since the conference will have no parallel oral sessions, the regular contribution is a poster paper. Scientific discussions with technical depth are most fruitful in small groups next to your poster.
  • However, some papers that address a broader auditory will be selected for the oral sessions. Selecting the final presentation mode for a paper is at the Technical Program Committee’s discretion.

Abstract text

  • The peculiarities of the work should clearly be stated (e.g., by referring to work that has already been done).
  • Only original material should be submitted, and abstracts should contain enough detail to convey the research’s approach and results clearly.
  • The presentation and publishing of papers require company clearance. Commercial papers containing product information with no research results are inappropriate for the ISSE Conference.
  • Let proofread your abstract by at least one colleague who is not familiar with the subject of your workand whose native language is English. Use spell-checking aids and check your paper for linguistic weaknesses.


  • List a maximum of five keywords.

Peer abstract review

  • Paper abstracts will be peer-reviewed for technical merit, content, and clearness by an internationally composed Reviewer Committee under the leadership of the Conference Chair.
  • Authors of accepted (Notification of acceptance: 15th of March 2023) abstracts will be invited to submit a full-length conference paper according to the conference paper template.
  • Particularly interesting for young scientists: in contrast to other technical conferences, within ISSE, this notification may contain valuable comments to support authors in writing high-quality papers. Consideration of the reviewers’ comments in the full paper will be checked before publication.
  • The accepted full-length papers will be compiled for a conference proceeding which will be available on a memory stick at the conference desk.

Preconditions for publishing in IEEE Xplore

  • Authors present their papers at the conference in the form of a 15-minute speech in case of an oral presentation or a 3-minute presentation in addition to their personal poster presentation. One author may present more than one paper (additional fee applies for more than one paper). However, publishing a paper without having presented it will not be possible.
  • Authors will be requested to confirm the originality of their papers by signing online an IEEE copyright form. However all papers will be checked using iThenticate program to avoid plagiarism.
  • Papers have been written following the guidelines provided in the ISSE paper template.
  • The content of the paper suits the scope of the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS).
  • Papers will be checked for their technical merit (e.g., whether reviewers’ comments to the abstract have been considered) and will undergo the IEEE CrossCheck automated plagiarism detection and prevention software.

Only papers with EPS-compliant contents are allowed to be forwarded to IEEE for publication on Xplore after the conference.

The decision on acceptance is at IEEE’s discretion.